HB 2263/HB 942: Texas bills filed to require warrants for cell phone location data

Cell-phone location data reveals a detailed map of a person’s location over time – from visits to the doctor, tending to familial duties, attendance at political events, or even liaisons with a paramour – in ways which are both radically invasive of privacy and which were impossible to imagine before the sweeping technological innovations of[…]

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Quick update: Tennessee protects cell phone location privacy with warrant requirement

Coalition member GritsForBreakfast.org has been keeping up with the growing list of states that now require a warrant for police to access cell phone location data. This summer, Tennessee’s law went into effect. Tennessee joins Montana, Virginia, Utah and Maine — states that also passed state legislation to grant citizens this protection. Courts gave the[…]

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Dust off your Sunday shoes and come to the Capitol!

If you don’t want the police, or for that matter anyone else, to be able to find you anywhere, anytime from your cell phone’s tracking data, then we’ve got the event for you. COMMITTEE:    State Affairs TIME & DATE:  8:00 AM, Tuesday, September 16, 2014 PLACE:        Texas State Capitol Extension, Rm. E1.012 (Hearing Room) CHAIR:       […]

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It’s not just the NSA: local police collect masses of data about us too

The NSA’s various data collection programs have been (finally) subjected to some public scrutiny. No limits have been imposed yet, but at least people understand more about what’s being collected. There’s been far less discussion about the fact that your local police have many of the same tools and use them. (Map of states like[…]

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SCOTUS opens a door: The Texas Legislature should step through

It’s hard to believe, but Edward Snowden was NOT a household name when this coalition showed up at the legislature last year with one basic idea: if law enforcement wants to read your email or sweep up your cell phone location data, it should get a warrant. A lot has happened since then. Thanks to[…]

Verizon, the NSA, and Your Privacy

Wow. Are you a Verizon phone customer? Then the NSA is right now collecting call data about you under a no-longer-secret order leaked to The Guardian. The breadth of the order is breathtaking. All Verizon customers, and all calls between people located within the U.S. (including local calls) or between a U.S. location and a[…]

Help protect geolocation privacy with Texas HB1608

TxEPC Action! (Cross-posted from EFF-Austin.) This Thursday May 9th, the Texas House of Representatives votes on HB1608 to determine whether our state will respect the privacy of your mobile phone geolocation data. Mobile phones are designed to track everywhere they go, and we think law enforcement should have to demonstrate probable cause to a judge[…]

Texans’ Email Privacy Protected by New Legislation

The Texas House protected the privacy of our email today. Full report at Grits for Texas: Great news! This afternoon, Rep. Jon Stickland successfully attached a version of his HB 3164, requiring police to obtain warrants for emails stored with third parties (think cloud computing) older than 180 days, to legislation by Rep. John Frullo,[…]