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HB3165 Committee Hearing Scheduled April 30th

On April 30th, HB3165 will have a committee hearing in downtown Austin, Texas. HB3165 requires three important pieces for law enforcement compliance to protect privacy of Texas residents. One, it requires a warrants issued to obtain cell site information through the use of a cell site simulator device, such as a Stingray. This bill also[…]

HB2263 CrimJur Hearing

HB2263 Committee Hearing Video

TxEPC received cuts from the committee hearing of House Bill 2263 on April 8th, 2015 from the local Electronic Frontier Foundation. View both videos of opening and closing statements by Representative Hughes at the Emerging Issues committee late that evening. Opening Statements Representative Hughes goes over the evolution of this bill’s language from last year[…]


Factsheet: HB3165

­­­Support public disclosure and warrants for use of “stingray” surveillance  Authored by Representative Bohac Brian Owsley, a former Texas federal judge and current law professor at Indiana Tech, told Ars Technica: “It is common knowledge that state and local law enforcement agencies are purchasing this technology with grants from the Department of Homeland Security,” he[…]


Response to Law Enforcement Concerns of HB2263

Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition: Response to police comments on HB 2263 A handful of law enforcement critics have raised concerns at this week’s hearing about HB 2263 (Hughes, et. al) that deserve further discussion. Claim: Cell tower location data is less accurate and therefore does not violate privacy as much as GPS Cell tower location[…]


HB 2263 Shines in House Committee Hearing

On Wednesday night, our team of advocates provided testimony in the Texas Legislature in support of HB 2263.  Appearing before the House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, five members of TxEPC and one independent witness representing Data Foundry outlined the case for increased protection of cell phone geolocation data in Texas.  The bill was left pending[…]

HB2263’s Support is Vast

In the face of a little bit of opposition, HB2263 has support far and wide. TxEPC would like to thank for Christopher Soghoian from the ACLU for coming out for a special session. Christoper Soghoian, a known privacy advocate and activist, came out to Austin on April 8th to talk about any concerns representatives had[…]

AT&T Favors Probable Cause Warrants

Telecom AT&T supports probable cause warrants for law enforcement requests concerning historical cell site location data. Today telecoms deal with numerous requests for personal location information in a variety of forms such as: subpoenas, court orders with less than probable cause, search warrants, and court orders issued on demonstration of probable cause. AT&T decided it[…]

HB2263 Fact Sheet

Warrants for Surveillance STOP GOVERNMENT SNOOPING. Current law allows the government to track your location (where you’ve been and where you are now) using information from your cell phone provider or directly from your phone without evidence that you have committed a crime. Most Texans don’t realize how frequently the government gains access to cell[…]