Aaron Donald Can’t Hide the Excitement After Rams Massive Acquisition of Von Miller Increases Their Super Bowl Hopes

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Aaron Donald is the Rams’ one of the league’s best defensive players, but now that he has spent time with Von Miller on Denver and attended his former team’s Super Bowl victory party, it seems like Aaron is already excited for next season.

Aaron Donald is a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams. He has been with the team since 2013, and he is excited to be part of this year’s roster. The Rams acquired Von Miller in a massive acquisition that increases their Super Bowl hopes.

What a week in the NFL it’s been. After all that has transpired, the Los Angeles Rams seem to have acquired Von Miller from the Denver Broncos a long time ago.

The responses poured in as Miller prepared to make his Rams debut after another eye-popping move by LA to load up in the hopes of a Super Bowl run.

Jalen Ramsey, Leonard Floyd, Aaron Donald, and Miller are all all on the same defense for the Rams, which is terrifying. Donald, for one, was quite forthright after the purchase, and why wouldn’t he be?

The Rams go all-in on another transaction that wipes out their draft selections.

The list goes on and on: Matthew Stafford, Sony Michel, Jalen Ramsey, and so on.

The Rams have been active as always, and Miller’s acquisition is simply another chapter in that story. To get a rental of the Broncos’ long-time Pro Bowl pass rusher, they handed up a second and third-round selection.

It’s no secret that the Rams aren’t going down without a fight. After Cam Akers suffered a season-ending injury, the Los Angeles Rams acquired some insurance by acquiring Michel from the New England Patriots.

Miller is merely another addition to the Rams defense, which doesn’t need much. Only Donald and Ramsey are Pro Bowl-caliber players, and although Miller isn’t as good as he once was, he can still put up big numbers and frighten opposing quarterbacks.

Aaron Donald is savoring every moment of his new role.

Donald and other Rams players have been discussing the next trade component to arrive in Southern California all week.

Kurt Warner met down with Donald and spoke with him, and the Rams’ All-Pro defensive back couldn’t help but show his delight with the Miller transaction.

“I was ecstatic, as if it were my first day of school… “How can you look at it and not smile?”

The Rams have added Von Miller to their defense, according to Aaron Donald.

That is absolutely worthy of a grin.

As if things in Los Angeles weren’t already going great with Stafford and Cooper Kupp burning up the league, they’ve now added Miller to a lauded defense.

Donald should gain from this decision. Since 2017, he’s had 11 or more sacks every year, including a career-high 20.5 in 2018. Through eight games in 2021, Donald has five sacks, giving opposition offenses another defensive tool to prepare around.

Donald, Ramsey, Floyd, and Miller are all names that come to mind. It’s just not fair any more.

The Rams’ prospects of winning the Super Bowl have just improved as a result of the transaction.

Rams star Aaron Donald is all smiles after Von Miller addition.

Rams star Aaron Donald is all smiles after Von Miller addition. Los Angeles Rams’ Jalen Ramsey and Aaron Donald | Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

As if the Rams weren’t already one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, they’ve improved their chances even more. Although the Rams overcame Tom Brady and the reigning Super Bowl champs earlier this year, the Buccaneers remain a formidable opponent.

Oh, and the game will be played at SoFi Stadium, which would be ideal for Sean McVay’s club.

The games must still be played, but Donald’s enthusiasm is justified, and the Rams’ defense has just become that much more deadly.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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