Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity Walkthrough Guide: All Encounters & Rewards

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Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny, an online-only multiplayer first person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. This guide will cover all Encounters & Rewards in Dares of Eternity challenge mode for players who are looking for a quick walkthrough about what encounters to go through and where their rewards lie.,

The “destiny 2 dares of eternity legend” is a walkthrough guide for Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity. The guide includes all encounters and rewards.

Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity Walkthrough Guide: All Encounters & Rewards

Dares of Eternity is a free DLC for all Destiny 2 players as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration. The action includes some of the finest new weaponry D2 has ever seen, all drawn from Bungie’s 30-year gaming history.

There are enough jokes, allusions, and game-show tropes in this new six-player pastime to make daytime TV weep. Both the Menagerie and Sundial activities are used in Dares of Eternity.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the Dares of Eternity action in Destiny 2, including how to complete all three encounters and the prizes you’ll earn after you’ve completed them.

Walkthrough for Destiny 2: Dares of Eternity

The First Encounter of the Dares of Eternity


When you join a Dares of Eternity match, you’ll find yourself in a vast, golden chamber alongside Xur and Starhorse. Clear the Taken you locate in the Eternal Valley by using the gateway between them.

The Wheel of Adversity, a game-show selection wheel that you spin to pick which opponent type you’ll fight next, will emerge after the Valley is clear of attackers. All of the opposing factions are represented, and their aims differ somewhat.

The first Dares of Eternity encounter is split into two halves. The first is a straightforward add wave that must be defeated as soon as possible. Enemies with yellow bars and champions occur here, although they aren’t as strong as those seen in higher-level Nightfalls and Raids.

An encounter’s second Dares of Eternity round will have a goal, which is generally to beat a certain number of boss-level opponents. Each boss will be protected by an immunity shield. Find the yellow bar adversaries with a white light glow and an X over their heads to break it. When you defeat luminous foes, you’ll get an item that can be used to destroy the bosses’ shields.

The Challenge Course

After completing the first Dares of Eternity confrontation, you’ll be faced with a straightforward but sometimes irritating sequence of challenges. The first always requests that it be done using a revolving symbol. You’ll be launched at it by a man cannon right outside the Valley arena.

The hemispheres on the edge are the key to going through the gaps. The hemisphere closest to the emblem moves as it spins. Jump when it aligns with the symbol’s right-hand static hemisphere. If you miss, land on the spinning symbol with your leap and then jump over.

If you fall, you may go back and try again, or you can explore the tunnel under the spinning symbol. The barriers are a bit more difficult to overcome, but they still bring you to the second confrontation. You might perhaps wait for your teammates to lead the way.

Second Encounter in the Dares of Eternity


The second Dares of Eternity encounter is identical to the first, with the exception of one more wave. To begin, you’ll have to clear a wave of mobs. After that, you’ll either defeat multiple bosses or progress by accomplishing missions. You’ll be killing a boss to generate goal items if you’re not fighting foes to weaken a monster.

In the second Dares of Eternity encounter, the third round is always a boss battle. After taking enough damage, a health meter will fill up at the bottom of your HUD, and the monster will become immune. To hurt the monster, you’ll have to destroy luminous foes or accomplish goals.

In Dares of Eternity, choose the right plate to get Starhorse’s favor.

You must walk on one of three plates marked with a faction insignia after completing the second encounter. The game will select one at random, choosing which group you will face in the final battle.

You’ll get Starhorse’s Favor if you pick the proper plate. Until you die or complete the Dares of Eternity, this long-term boon replenishes your Heavy ammunition supplies.

If you make a bad choice, you’ll get a debuff called Starhorse’s Penalty, which gives you 30 seconds to go to the last arena or perish.

A short Dares of Eternity obstacle course awaits you outside the door. If you tumble into the abyss, search for a way that will lead you to a tunnel that will lead you to the last arena.

Third Encounter of the Dares of Eternity


In Dares of Eternity, the third trial is usually a boss battle. You’ll encounter an adversary that will be recognizable to Destiny veterans, some of whom are more meme than menace.

These battles are structured similarly to the previous boss rounds. Damage the boss until it becomes immune, then perform a job to restore their vulnerability. Some need the same techniques as the original, such as the battle against Crota.

The Dares of Eternity Lightning Round has been announced by Xur and Starhorse.

The Lightning Round, a fourth, high-intensity round in which your success decides the value of your prizes, is sometimes announced by Xur and Starhorse. Failure in this game is as unlikely as it is in the rest of Dares of Eternity. However, for the best results, finish every hurdle and kill every adversary.

The Lightning Round is divided into three sections, each with a comparable assignment. With more foes and responsibilities to perform, each section grows increasingly challenging. There will be more bosses to defeat, but none of them will be more powerful.

Eternity’s Dares Reward

In Dares of Eternity, the last box may contain up to three items: a random rolled World loot pool item, perhaps a blue engram, and a Treasure Key. In Xur’s Treasure Horde, use the key to unlock chests.

One random 30th Anniversary weapon not related to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon is awarded from the chest closest to Xur. The other chests are more expensive and need a certain Xur rank. From the occasion, they all get Universal Ornament cosmetics.

Dares of Eternity scores each round based on the amount of opponents slain, objectives accomplished, and bonuses acquired, with the goal of nullifying Treasure Horde’s Starhorse bounty. These feature a score requirement ranging from 120,000 to 300,000 points, as well as two additional activities that must be completed in one Dare. If you fail one, you’ll have to return to Dares of Eternity and attempt again.

Higher-difficulty In Dares of Eternity, Starhorse bounties give Paraverse Packages, which include experience, gear, Treasure Keys, and/or Glimmer. Strange Coins may also be used to buy Paraverse Packages from Starhorse.

A Pinnacle gear drop is the other score-gated prize in Dares of Eternity. To get it, you’ll need 250,000 points in a single Dare.

The Legend difficulty in Dares of Eternity has a minimum power of 1320. Matchmaking is disabled, foes attack harder, more Champions are available, and the boss rotation has been corrected. The prizes are theoretically more plentiful since Lightning Rounds are simpler to get by here, but the major lure of Legend is the Triumph score and Seal advancement.

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The “destiny 2 dates of eternity guess” is a walkthrough guide for all encounters and rewards in the Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.

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