Genshin Impact fan creates a limited set of fully functional condoms

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The Hello Kitty condom, which looks like a normal box of condoms but also contains one “Hello Kitty” condom and a note that says “I’m waiting for you!”

Genshin Impact fan creates a limited set of fully functional condoms


Whether you want one as a collection or for practical usage, you’ll soon be able to get your hands on a Genshin Impact condom courtesy to the efforts of Jiji, a Finnish artist and enthusiast.

The condom box displays holographic artwork of the character Zhongli (a protective character, wink wink), and the inside of the package includes a set of careful directions on how to use and not use them. The condoms themselves are touted as “triple-tested” for safety, fragrance-free, spermicide-free, and fragrance-free. If you’re concerned that Jiji will be chastised by Genshin developer miHoYo, don’t be: the studio has already declared it totally lawful for fans to sell unapproved gear, subject to some restrictions.

According to Jiji, the merchandise has elicited a broad range of responses, ranging from amusing to supportive to unfavorable. Jiji seemed to be more upset by people’ ignorance than anything else when it comes to the unfavorable replies.

These condoms will be available in limited quantities until Jiji’s shop opens on December 26th. We don’t know how much these will cost, but given the amount of attention they’re receiving, we hope the maker makes sure to charge a fair fee for his time and effort.


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