God of War Guide

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God of War is an epic adventure based on Greek mythology. You play the role of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who wants to kill Ares for destroying his village, giving him nothing but endless nightmares.

As you fight your way through this action-adventure game, you’ll be able to upgrade Kratos’ weapons and magic, learn new abilities and spells, and build your strength.

how long to beat god of war

That’s where this guide comes in. With the information provided here, you’ll be able to upgrade Kratos’ weapons and magic, learn new abilities and spells, and build your strength in no time.

You’ll get the most out of God of War by playing it yourself, but this guide will help you make the absolute most of your time with Kratos.If you’re looking for information on how to defeat certain enemies or bosses, check out our boss strategy and enemy-by-enemy walkthrough guides.

How to unlock God of War trophies

God of War, like most games, has a list of trophies you can get by performing certain tasks. Most trophies just require you to do what the trophy says—for example, Kratos will get an “Eagle Eye” trophy for shooting all of the eagles that appear in the game.

If you want to know where and how to get each of the God of War trophies, we have a separate guide for that.

How to play as Kratos’ son

At the beginning of the game, Kratos is without wife and child. But as you play through God of War, you’ll unlock new abilities and items that will let him explore his past and find out what happened to his family.

Having a son means having someone to fight alongside you in combat, or at least—that’s what it seems to be in God of War. The truth is, however, that Kratos’ son isn’t really much help when you’re in combat.

Tips and tricks for beginners

You’ll notice that in the early stages of God of War, you’re pretty weak and can’t fight very well. The enemies in this game are really tough and they’ll kill you without giving it a second thought.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help beginners get into God of War and start fighting like Kratos.There are a lot of God of War guides out there, but we have the only one you need to beat this game from start to finish.

How to upgrade weapons and magic

In God of War, your first priority should be finding Red Orbs so you can upgrade Kratos’ weapons and magic. This is a simple process because Kratos can collect Orbs just by defeating enemies and opening chests.

How to defeat the bosses in God of War

Like any other good action-adventure game, God of War has a list of bosses you can fight. You can skip all the regular enemies and just go straight for the boss fights, but that’s no fun. These bosses are really tough and it’ll take some strategy to beat them without dying too much.

Collectibles and secrets in the game

There are a lot of things you can do in God of War besides just fighting battles. You don’t have to find the hidden urns and chests, but getting them is part of what makes this game so much fun.

That’s why we have a separate guide for finding every secret chest, secret room, and hidden urn in God of War. We’ve also included some secrets you might not know about in this game, like how to get the best armor and what the secret ending reveals.


As you can see, the secrets and tips we’ve put together for God of War will help you get as much as possible out of your time with Kratos. If you’re not sure where to start, just check out our guide on how to upgrade weapons and magic in God of War—that’s probably the most important thing to know about first.