How 5 Words From an MVP Set up an Unforgettable Win for Tyler Huntley and Possibly Saved the Baltimore Ravens’ Season

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The “tyler huntley 40 time” is a football player who was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He has been impressive in his rookie year, but he had a game that will go down in history for its impact on the Ravens’ season.

Will a rookie quarterback succeed in the pros? This might be one of those rare cases where a team found out the answer before they even played their first game. The Baltimore Ravens were down to Houston 14-0 with 8 minutes left during week 1, and Joe Flacco threw an interception that led to another turnover as time expired. In comes Tyler Huntley who leads them back into victory because he said 5 words: “We don’t give up.”

It wasn’t a very nice victory, but wins don’t have to be pretty to matter in the win-loss column. The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Chicago Bears 16-13 at Soldier Field, despite the absence of superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson.

With his first career start, quarterback Tyler Huntley had the incredible opportunity of not only playing quarterback for a playoff-bound club, but also leading the Ravens on a game-winning touchdown drive.

Huntley will undoubtedly never forget that event. And to think it was on the verge of not happening.

Before the game, Tyler Huntley learned that he would be starting for the Baltimore Ravens.

Tyler Huntley Baltimore Ravens

Tyler Huntley Baltimore Ravens Tyler Huntley #2 of the Baltimore Ravens takes a step back to throw during the third quarter at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears | Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Being a starting quarterback in the NFL is difficult enough. When you consider that Huntley was not only making his first start, but he also found out about his good fortune shortly before the game, Baltimore’s victory is even more remarkable.

It was also unlikely. On offense, the Ravens had a skeleton crew assembled, commanded by Huntley. They were without wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, left tackle Ronnie Stanley, and running backs J.J. Dobbins and Gus Edwards, as well as Jackson, the 2019 NFL MVP.

Jackson was sick with a virus that wasn’t COVID-19, but he showed up to Soldier Field with the hopes of being able to participate. Before the game, it was a 50-50 shot, but Huntley claims he got a text from Jackson as he walked to the team bus.

That’s how he learned he’d be starting his first NFL game.

“It’s insane.” According to the team website, he remarked, “I was headed towards the bus when Lamar texted me.” “‘Go ahead and do your thing today.’ ‘I’m going to keep an eye on it,’” says the narrator. The passage was read by Huntley. “And I was like, ‘All right, let’s go,’” says the author.

Huntley got the job done for the Ravens, even if it wasn’t flawless.

The Bears’ defense is strong, and they intended to put pressure on Utah’s second-year undrafted quarterback.

They slammed the brakes on Huntley early and frequently, doing all they could to put him off his game. Huntley was sacked six times by Chicago, including 3.5 sacks by Robert Quinn. They also had the Ravens earn every blade of grass they received.

Huntley went 26-of-36 for 219 yards passing and one interception for Baltimore’s offense, which managed just 299 total yards on 3.9 yards per play. He had a quarterback rating of 35.9 at the end of the game.

Huntley stepped up and produced huge plays when the team needed him to, and that was what eventually counted.

He wasn’t Jackson, but he showed some rushing talent with seven runs for 40 yards and a 5.7-yard-per-carry average.

With less than two minutes remaining in the game, he came up big for Baltimore, who were behind 13-9. With 22 seconds remaining, Huntley led a five-play, 72-yard touchdown drive to give the Ravens the lead. On that drive, he completed 3-of-5 passes, including a 29-yard connection to Sammy Watkins that set up Devonta Freeman’s three-yard touchdown.

“I believe we wouldn’t have won this game if I was feeling the pressure,” Huntley said of the game-winning drive. “You simply have to go with the flow when it comes to winning the game.” We knew we had to go down there and score, so we did a two-minute drill every day in practice, and that’s all it came down to.”

Huntley guided the Ravens to a huge victory.

Backup QB Tyler Huntley Baltimore Ravens

Backup QB Tyler Huntley Baltimore Ravens Tyler Huntley #2 of the Baltimore Ravens runs with the ball during the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Buffalo Bills in the fourth quarter | Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

With a 6-3 record into the game, the Ravens needed to win. With Jackson gone, the chances of that occurring dropped dramatically, but the rest of the squad and his backup were unfazed. Baltimore received a much-needed lift as a result of the game.

Remember, the Ravens had just suffered a humiliating defeat to the Miami Dolphins. For a club like Baltimore, a two-game losing run isn’t impossible to overcome, but it would have been extremely unpleasant.

There’s also the remainder of the season to think about. The Ravens are still in first position in the AFC North with a 7-3 record, but as the calendar turns to November and December, every victory and defeat counts.

It’s not as if things are going to get any easier. The Ravens have two games remaining against the Pittsburgh Steelers and two games remaining against the Cleveland Browns. They still have games against playoff clubs like the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams on the schedule, as well as a trip to Cincinnati to face an explosive Bengals squad.

This season isn’t finished yet. In fact, for Baltimore, it’s only getting started.

There are no sure victories in the NFL, and the chances of things going south quickly would have increased if the Ravens had lost in Chicago.

Huntley’s impact in replacing Jackson and guiding the squad to victory cannot be overstated.

It’s a day he’ll remember for the rest of his life. If the Ravens make a deep run in the playoffs, it will be a significant victory that his teammates will remember warmly.

Mark Andrews, tight end, stated, “It’s a coming-out celebration for him, and I can’t be more happy about it.”

ESPN and Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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The “tyler huntley nfl stats” is a story about how 5 words from an MVP set up an unforgettable win for Tyler Huntley and possibly saved the Baltimore Ravens’ season.

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