Tyronn Lue destroys Paul George, his own team after ’embarrassing’ loss to Spurs

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The Cavs were actually on their way to a victory over the Nets when they lost Kyrie Irving with a season-ending knee injury.
On Monday night, Lue took his frustrations out of frustration and did it in an extremely immature manner by slamming the ball into George’s face during the game.,
Not only is this incredibly embarrassing for him but it also displays how Cleveland still does not know what it has going forward.

Tyronn Lue has been criticized for the way he has handled his team in recent weeks. After a loss to the Spurs, the Cavaliers coach was caught on camera destroying his own player’s jersey.

Tyronn Lue destroys Paul George, his own team after 'embarrassing' loss to Spurs


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – The Los Angeles Clippers may have gotten Paul George back from injury, but they also irritated head coach Tyronn Lue during and after their defeat to the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night.

The Clippers were defeated 116-92 in their first game back after a two-game road trip. It wasn’t just that the Clippers lost, but it was their complete lack of effort throughout the course of the 48-minute game that resulted in one of Tyronn Lue’s most enraged postgame news conferences.

Lue noted after the game, “I think they were quicker than us tonight.” “I believed they outtoughed us tonight,” says the narrator. 114 shots is almost certainly an NBA record. That’s something I’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen 23 offensive rebounds before, so they got exactly what they wanted. They had complete control over the game. I simply believed their tempo was too rapid for us to keep up with, that we couldn’t defend one-on-one, that they got anything they wanted with pick-and-roll. On both sides of the floor, it was an all-around bad game for us tonight.”

The Clippers were outscored 68-44 in the paint, outrebounded 23-9 on the offensive boards, outscored 27-5 in second-chance points, and were outscored 18-10 in transition. The Spurs dominated practically all of the hustle categories decisively, leaving the Clippers with little opportunity of even making this game competitive.

The most bizarre statistic was the first one presented by Tyronn Lue: San Antonio had 114 shot attempts to the Clippers’ 88. Since 2000, a team’s 114 shooting attempts are the second-most in a non-overtime game. The Memphis Grizzlies topped the list with 115 points in a defeat to the Indiana Pacers in April 2021.

Lue quipped, “Shoot, we may need some Ben Wallace and Dennis Rodman exercises, a little bit of everything.” “I mean, 23 offensive rebounds is humiliating.” A total of 114 shots? Tonight, I felt they were quite relaxed.”

In his first game back from an elbow injury, Paul George had a game-high 25 points, six rebounds, six assists, and three steals. The Spurs, who continued finding new ways to interfere with him every time, obscured his good performance and comeback.

Tyronn Lue didn’t hold back when asked whether he was gazing at any specific number from the box score.

“A total of 114 shots!” There are 23 offensive rebounds! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something like it. I had to return; I don’t think I’d ever seen it before. Doing a better job on the glass; a lot of rebounding requires physicality, which I don’t believe we have. Pick-and-rolls, I don’t believe we have the physicality to get inside the basketball. It was a simple layup exercise, floater drill, then a stroll in the park.

“We all need to look in the mirror and return with a physicality on Wednesday night, otherwise it’ll be the same outcome.” So, offensively, we moved the basketball, attacked the paint, and made the proper play in spurts, but not as well as we could have and needed to. So all we have to do now is become better. It was an unattractive manner of playing basketball.”

“114 shots were taken, including 23 offensive rebounds. That’s something I’ve never seen before… It was a simple layup exercise, floater drill, then a stroll in the park. We all need to gaze in the mirror and return with a physicality, or we’ll end up with the same outcome.”

After tonight’s defeat, Ty Lue expressed his disappointment. #Clippers

December 21, 2021 — Tomer Azarly (@TomerAzarly)

Paul George mirrored Tyronn Lue’s postgame remarks, accusing his team of being sluggish and unprepared.

“I didn’t think we were locked in as a team,” George said. “We made a lot of game plan errors, and I felt we were just a bit sluggish tonight.” There was no effort, no enthusiasm, but you get games like that throughout the season, I suppose.

George returned to the Clippers’ lineup after missing the previous five games due to a right elbow strain that lasted 12 days. George claims he injured a ligament in his right arm and attempted to play through it before finally opting to rest it.

Lue stated after the game, “I felt he moved good.” “I thought he did a lot of positive things, but now we have to figure out how to play with him on the floor, which I think we battled with tonight.”

Ivica Zubac, who ended with a 12-point, 12-rebound double-double in 27 minutes, had more opportunities with Paul George’s return. While the Croatian big man was happy to see his fellow starter back, he described the result as “embarrassing.”

“It was humiliating,” Ivica Zubac said afterward. “Rebounding, after all, is a team sport.” If you want to win games, you must rebound. I think we did a poor job tonight of simply getting in the paint after every shot, and there was no one out there on the elbow or at the free-throw line to grab those long rebounds. I believe we need to improve in this area. We’ve got to be at those elbow locations if we’re going to contest a shot and put a hand on your player. And it was up to us to collect them. Those are the people who have harmed us tonight.

“We didn’t put forth a lot of effort tonight.” That’s exactly what we were looking for. From beginning to end, there was no effort, no hurry, and we couldn’t grab rebounds, and it just went on and on.”

The Clippers will play the Sacramento Kings in the state capital on Wednesday night. Sacramento has won both of their meetings with the Clippers this season, thanks in large part to their quick guards and offensive rebounds. A lot has to happen for the Clippers to get back on track after Monday night’s dreadful performance.



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