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In a world where blockchain is all the rage, it’s hard to know what the future holds. In fact, many industries are already beginning to take advantage of this revolutionary technology for their own purposes.
We’re going to explore one such industry today: gaming! If you’ve ever played a game that relies on cryptocurrency or rare items as currency – like CryptoKitties and Everdreamer’s Odyssey – then you’ll be familiar with some of the problems these games have faced since they were launched in late 2017…
In particular, there was an issue with low liquidity from users selling out at higher prices than those willing to buy them up as well as high fees charged by exchanges involved in trading virtual goods? What will come next? We don’t yet know but we think now is a great time for companies looking into this space so they can prepare themselves if/when it does happen.
So let’s dig into how blockchain could revolutionize online gaming!