All the best products we’ve tested in 2021 (so far)

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In 2021, the world is a different place. The internet has been completely decentralized and we have a whole new way of interacting with each other. We’re more connected than ever before and it’s all thanks to blockchain technology.

The cnn underscored is a website that has been created to list the best products we’ve tested in 2021. So far, they have listed over 100 products, and it’s still ongoing.


CNN Underscored tests goods all year long, from coffee machines to laptops to bedding to shower heads, in order to help our readers discover the best of everything.

Our testing procedure is stringent. We spend many hours doing research, interviewing experts, reading editorial reviews, and scouring user ratings to choose which goods we want to test, whether they are tried-and-true classics or the most promising newcomers. Then we spend weeks or months testing and retesting each product in real-world situations, putting it through the same kinds of usage and damage that it would see in your house. We’re confident in our ability to find the greatest items so you can get what you need fast and simply.

We’ve compiled a list of all the goods that have consistently placed first in our testing throughout the course of the year.

Nonstick pan with the best results

The depth of this pan allows it to be used for a variety of purposes: It cooks conventional frying-pan items like eggs and meats, and its 212-inch sides are tall enough to make dishes like rices and stews that would normally be reserved for pots.

If you’re a minimalist who prefers just having one pan in your kitchen, the T-fal E76597 will suffice. The depth of this pan allows it to be used for a variety of purposes: It cooks conventional frying pan meals like eggs and meats, and its 2.5-inch sides are tall enough to make rices and stews that would normally be reserved for pots. It’s a high-quality, low-cost pan that outperformed some of the more costly pans we tested.

More on our nonstick pan testing may be found here.

The best knife set for the kitchen


Each component in this all-inclusive set pleased us with its strong build, ease of use, and dependable execution.

The Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17-Piece Knife Block Set is a great deal that allows you to tackle virtually any cutting task. Not only did the set’s core knives (chef’s, paring, utility, and serrated) work well, but it also came with a slew of extras, including a complete set of steak knives. Their excellent construction and dependable execution at such an amazing price blew us away. The knives remained sharp during our extensive testing, and we like the cushion-grip handles, which prevented sliding, as well as the traditional appearance of the chestnut-stained wood block. This is the obvious winner if you’re searching for a full knife set that you’ll be pleased to own at a price that won’t break the bank.

Read more about our kitchen knife set reviews here.

The most effective hand mixer


With a sleek appearance and solid construction that felt secure in the hand, the Cuisinart HM-90BCS Plus mixer grabbed our attention straight out of the box. Our first impression was reinforced in testing, with the appliance receiving high scores for function (quickly mixing, whisking, beating, and kneading), as well as simplicity of use and storage.

With a sleek appearance and solid construction that felt steady in the hand, this Cuisinart mixer grabbed our attention straight out of the box. Our first impression was reinforced in testing, with the appliance receiving high scores for function (quickly mixing, whisking, beating, and kneading), as well as simplicity of use and storage.

More about our hand mixer testing may be found here.

The most effective blender


The Breville Super Q has a lot of preset buttons, is available in a variety of colors, comes with a lot of accessories, and is quieter than other versions. It comes at a high price, but for some who can’t fathom waking up without a smoothie, $1.30 each day over the course of a year sounds like a steal.

The Breville Super Q blender has a 1,800 watt motor, a plethora of preset settings, comes in a variety of colors, includes essential accessories, and is said to be quieter than other versions. It comes at a high price, but for those who can’t fathom a morning without a smoothie, it works out to less than $2 per day over the course of a year.

More about our blender testing may be found here.

Waffle maker of the highest quality

The Cuisinart produces two delicious deep-pocketed Belgian waffles at once, featuring a flip mechanism that ensures fluffy, evenly cooked waffles while also making the machine simple to store.

The Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker may be the ideal waffle maker for you if you require a machine that produces excellent waffles, doesn’t take up too much counter space, and allows you to create several waffles each batch. It’s a flip waffle maker, or “Belgian” waffle maker, which means you turn the deep grids 180 degrees immediately after you start baking to spread the batter uniformly and allow the waffle to bake evenly. This model goes above and beyond typical flip waffle makers by including two waffle grills, one on each side of the flip mechanism, allowing you to create two rounds of waffles at simultaneously, which is a huge plus for a hungry morning audience.

More on our waffle maker testing may be found here.

Cutting board of the highest quality

The Teakhaus Professional is a gorgeous, sturdy, stain-resistant, and easy-to-care-for hardwood board made of moisture-resistant teak.

The Teakhaus Professional is a cutting board made of teak, a durable wood that resists stains and knife cuts, cleans up simply, is hefty enough to remain in place while you work, and is fairly priced when compared to other high-quality hardwood cutting boards. It’s also lovely enough to take pride of place on your kitchen counter.

More information on our cutting board tests may be found here.

Cast-iron skillet of the highest quality


In almost every test we ran, the Chef Collection pan – the company’s lightest skillet — beat most of its far higher-priced rivals.

The Lodge Chef Collection 12-Inch Skillet took the top spot in our rankings not just because of its excellent performance across all of our testing criteria, but also because of its low price. The Chef Collection, which weighs just 6.5 pounds and comes preseasoned with 100 percent natural vegetable oil, features two slightly bigger pour spouts that enabled us to transfer oil from the pan effortlessly and without a drip. In almost every test we gave it, it beat most of its far more expensive rivals.

More information on our cast-iron skillet testing may be found here.

Overall, the best Dutch oven

The Lodge 6-quart enameled cast iron Dutch oven looks excellent and performed well in all of our tests, outperforming most of its more costly rivals. Large handles and a spatula-friendly design make switching from oven to cooktop a pleasure, and the finish is easy to clean.

Cast-Iron Lodge Enameled 6-Quart The glossy, smooth surface on the Dutch Oven had no faults right out of the box, and the ombre blue color was just plain lovely. Its 6-quart capacity was ideal for a variety of activities. The big handles on the pan and the huge metal knob on the lid make it simpler to use a heavy pan. Its gently slanted sides made it easy to scrape up anything around the borders using a spatula. Read more about our Dutch oven testing here.

Grill brush of the highest quality


The Kona BBQ Grill Brush is a wide, robust stainless steel brush head that cleans your grill efficiently and securely.

The Kona BBQ Grill Brush has a stainless steel brush head that works best when dipped in water, according to the manufacturer. In our tests, the wet brush effectively removed any remaining food or crud off the grill. No bristles, wire pieces, food, or residue from the tool are left on your grill thanks to the solid brush head.

More information on our grill brush testing may be found here.

Ice cream maker of the highest quality

Of all the ice cream makers we examined, the Cuisinart ICE-21 had the greatest price-to-performance ratio. It made some of the creamiest, best-tasting ice cream in the group while also being one of the most affordable. The bowl must be frozen overnight before producing ice cream, and it is very noisy, but we don’t believe there is a better machine for the price.

The Cuisinart 1.5-Quart Frozen Yogurt ICE-21P1 is very simple to operate, and it produced one of the smoothest ice creams we tried, with just a little iciness. While it was one of the loudest machines we tested, it also churned ice cream quicker than many of its rivals (both recipes took around 15 minutes), so you won’t have to put up with the noise for long. Read more about our ice cream maker testing here.

The best thermometer for quick reading

The enhanced Thermapen One was the quickest and most accurate thermometer we examined, as well as having the most user-friendly display. It’s well worth the money if you’re serious about your cooking.

The ThermoWorks Thermapen One’s price may raise an eyebrow, but it’s worth every cent, according to our tests. The thermometer’s illuminated display is simple to see, and the numbers automatically change their position when held vertically – a feature unique to this model.

More on our meat thermometer testing may be found here.

The best spiralizer for tabletop


When it came to producing consistent spirals that didn’t break apart, lose their shape, or take so much cranking that you felt like you’d just finished a major arm weightlifting exercise, the Spiralizer 7-Blade beat all other countertop versions.

The Spiralizer 7-Blade Spiral Slicer wowed us with the fact that every vegetable we tried spiraled perfectly on all seven blades supplied, with virtually none needing any effort on our side. Vermicelli, spaghetti, fettuccine, curly fry, chips/ribbons, fine groovy chips, and coarse groovy chips all have blades that are clearly branded by name. The spiralizer comes with a lifetime guarantee and is dishwasher safe. Read more about our spiralizer testing here.

Corkscrew with the best lever

The Rabbit is the safest and easiest-to-use lever-style corkscrew we’ve tested, extracting corks from any bottle swiftly and cleanly with little effort.

The Rabbit Wine Corkscrew With Foil Cutter meets the most essential criterion for lever-style wine openers: stability and ease of operation. During our testing, we were able to remove the cork from our bottle in three seconds, as claimed. The silicone-lined shell of this opener felt instantly comfortable in-hand upon unpacking, and there was no setup or assembly needed prior to usage. Read more about our wine opener testing here.

Water bottle of the highest quality

During our testing, the Yeti Rambler came out on top due to its excellent thermoregulation, incredible durability, and great chug cap, which provides a pleasant and fast sipping experience while allowing simple access to the super-wide mouth.

While the Yeti Rambler is a little more expensive, this 26-ounce water bottle is without a doubt the finest we tested. It not only keeps your beverages hot or cold for many hours, but it also has the finest lid we’ve ever tried. The Yeti Rambler is also customisable, with 14 colors and five sizes ranging from 12 to 46 ounces, as well as being dishwasher-safe. Read more about our water bottle testing here.

The best chair for the workplace

The Steelcase Series 1 stood out as one of the most customisable, high-quality, and comfortable office chairs on the market, outperforming chairs costing twice as much – making it the greatest value for money.

The Steelcase Series 1 has a good overall rating, indicating that it is one of the most adaptable, high-quality, and comfortable office chairs available. The Steelcase Series 1 scored less than a single point lower than our highest-rated chair, the $921.42 Steelcase Leap, in all of our testing categories, easily making it the greatest bang for the buck and a clear winner for our best office chair overall.

More information on our office chair testing may be found here.

The most effective standing desk


The Branch Adjustable Standing Workstation is a near-perfect desk that can take multiple monitors, twin laptops, and a multitude of knickknacks thanks to its sturdy and broad surface. It’s also very durable, having one of the finest constructions we’ve seen and a smooth climb and descent.

Although Branch’s standing desk is only available in two sizes and a few colors, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it maintains a high degree of workmanship in a standing desk that, in the end, outperforms the competition with smooth motion, a strong construction, and a non-distracting design. It all begins with the desktop, which is a 48-inch-wide by 30-inch-deep particle board laminate in this instance. A white or dark walnut finish is also available. Regardless matter whatever path you choose, you’ll end up with a pair of white legs. The Branch option is particularly appealing since it has a deeper depth than the typical desk. This allows it to accommodate several displays, a laptop (perhaps a tablet), and a notepad with space to spare.

More about our standing desk testing may be found here.

The most comfortable keyboard


The Logitech Ergo K860 is a very comfortable keyboard. Its split-keyboard design, along with a wave-like curve over the torso, enables both your shoulders and hands to rest in a more natural posture, reducing the strain that comes with long periods of time in front of a conventional keyboard.

The Logitech Ergo K860 is a very comfortable keyboard. Its design, which includes a split keyboard (meaning there’s a triangular gap along the center) and a wave-like curve across the body, enables your shoulders and hands to rest in a more natural posture, reducing the strain that comes with long periods of time in front of a normal keyboard. When you add in the plush palm rest around the bottom border, you’ll be sitting quite comfortably.

More information on our ergonomic keyboard testing may be found here.

The most comfortable mouse


The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is unquestionably comfortable. It’s perfectly formed, with particular care paid to the clicking fingers. With a carved ergonomic groove for almost every finger, using it felt like our fingers were resting.


The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse is unquestionably comfortable. It’s perfectly formed, with particular care paid to the clicking fingers. With a carved ergonomic groove for almost every finger, using it felt like our fingers were resting.

More on our ergonomic mouse testing may be found here.

The most effective ring light

The EMart ring light offers you the freedom to create excellent, consistent lighting for video chats, streaming, selfies, or any other content production requirement with lots of illumination and positioning changes.

The Emart 10-Inch Standing Ring Light comes with a tripod that adjusts from 19 to 50 inches, making it a fantastic choice whether you’re using it to light up your desk for video chats or need some overhead lighting to avoid odd shadows in your pictures. Its three light modes (warm, cold, and a good blend of the two), as well as 11 brightness levels (the most of any of the lights we examined), guarantee that you’re always lit properly. This light combines usefulness and affordability better than any of the other choices we examined, and at a reasonably low price.

Read more about our ring light testing here.

The most effective computer monitor


This 23.8-inch QHD display is capable of handling whatever you throw at it, from Word documents to gaming. The Lenovo’s ultra-thin bezels don’t detract from the vivid display, and a blue light filter reduces eye strain, making it perfect for long workdays.

The Lenovo L24q-30 display came out as the best overall choice after several hours of testing with a variety of material and processes. The 23.8-inch QHD monitor may not have the most exciting moniker, but it has the power to handle whatever you throw at it, from Word documents to gaming. The Lenovo’s ultra-thin bezels don’t detract from the vivid display, and its compact size allows it to fit into any workplace. The addition of a blue-light filter reduces eye strain, making it perfect for extended workdays. You won’t find a better deal than this for $169 (down from $199).

More information about our computer monitor testing may be found here.

External hard disk with the best performance


The WD My Passport SSD is small enough to fit in the front or rear pockets of pants or even a shirt pocket. It may also be tucked into a sleeve that holds your laptop.

Although the WD My Passport solid-state drive is not the cheapest external drive on the market, it offers excellent value. We were able to back up Word pages in less than a minute, entire picture albums in less than 20 seconds, and even big video files in under a minute. Those are speeds that rival the inbuilt drives of many smartphones. The WD My Passport offers adequate storage capacity to save all of your data, with enough room for almost 100,000 picture files or, in our case, two backups of our complete collection. All of this comes in a sleek yet tough packaging.

More on our external hard drive testing may be found here.

The most effective pill

Due to a speedier CPU that easily smashes daily chores, the 9th Generation iPad came out as the best overall choice in our tests. It offers a unique combination of performance and value, as well as compatibility for essential iPad accessories.

The new Apple iPad, now in its ninth iteration, retains the iconic design and high-resolution display, but improves the front-facing camera and adds a speedier processor, the A13 Bionic, that should keep this tablet running for many years. Most significantly, the pricing remains same at $329 for a 64GB internal storage model. Last year, it only gave you 32GB, which quickly filled up. For most people, the iPad is more than enough.

Read more about our tablet testing here.

The best gaming monitor on a budget

The Acer XF243Y is a low-cost option to get started with HDR gaming. It outperforms its weight class with a 1080p IPS panel and 144Hz refresh rate while being inexpensive for most budgets.

The Acer XF243Y is one of the most affordable monitors we tested, which is surprising considering its fast refresh rate, compatibility with FreeSync and G-Sync, absence of screen tearing, and general simplicity of use. It has a pretty typical 23.8-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, but its support for HDR10 makes it a remarkable choice at this price. Read more about our cheap gaming monitor testing here.

The most effective smartphone

Apple’s iPhone 13 features a sleek design and an immersive display, as well as the greatest performance and camera of any phone we’ve ever tested.

Apple improved on our last overall champion, the iPhone 12, in all the right ways with its 2021 smartphone lineup. The iPhone 13 has improvements to the display, processor power, and camera capabilities that we consider to be the most essential when selecting a smartphone. FaceTime conversations, surfing the web, posting on social media, playing games, and even completing work all occurred quickly and without hitches on the iPhone 13, which is packed with Apple’s newest mobile CPU, the A15 Bionic. Read more about our smartphone testing here.

The most effective mouse

The Logitech MX Master 3 combines classic ergonomic design, sophisticated workflow features, and mobility in a single device. It’s perfect for anybody seeking for a workhorse mouse that will last for years and can be used on many devices.

The Logitech MX Master 3 mouse supports three Bluetooth devices and allows you to switch between them with a single button on the bottom of the mouse. It works with Logitech’s Flow software, which allows you to operate several PCs and drag and drop data across them. It’s even cross-platform; we used a Windows PC and a MacBook Air to test it. Read more about our computer mouse testing here.

The most effective drip coffee maker


The Braun KF6050WH BrewSense Drip Coffee Maker regularly delivered excellent, hot cups of coffee, made efficiently and cleanly, from elegant, reasonably small gear that is easy to use, and all for a fair price.

With the Braun KF6050WH BrewSense drip coffee maker, we brewed countless pots of coffee, ranging from light to dark roast, and each one yielded a strong, delicious cup with no sediment, thanks to the gold tone filter, which is designed to remove bitterness from coffee while also reducing single-use paper-filter waste. The machine we tried was white, but it’s also available in black, and it’s tiny enough to fit beneath cabinets in a tighter area than some of the other machines we examined.

More on our drip coffee machine testing may be found here.

The best coffee maker for single servings


The Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlus is unrivaled in terms of convenience. It’s simple and easy to use straight out of the box, and it looks good on the counter.

The Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlus is the coffee machine for you if you want a consistent excellent cup that’s boiling hot, produces espresso, is very simple to operate, and looks beautiful on your counter. In almost every area, this single-cup coffee maker distinguished out from the crowd. It made the hottest coffee of the group, had consistent excellent flavor in every cup, had a range of brewing choices, and was very simple to operate.

More on our single-serve coffee machine testing may be found here.

Coffee grinder with the best burrs


The Baratza Virtuoso+ features a sleek design and easy-to-use settings, including a digital timer, to ensure a uniform grind every time.

The Baratza Virtuoso+ features a modern and user-friendly design. It also offers 40 different options to select from. Having additional choices allows you to fine-tune the grind size to your preferences, ensuring that you receive the precise flavor you want from the beans. From espresso and Turkish coffee to French press or cold brew, we were able to rapidly personalize our grinds.

More on our coffee grinder tests may be found here.

Subscription to the best coffee

The coffee subscription from Blue Bottle won us over with its mix of variety, customizability, and, most importantly, taste. The tastes are strong and complex, but they are undeniably wonderful. Beyond the coffee, Blue Bottle’s membership is straightforward and simple to use, offering a variety of choices to suit your caffeine need.

During our testing, Blue Bottle’s coffee subscription met all of our expectations. It offers a variety of subscription options that are suitable for all types of coffee consumers. Blue Bottle outperformed every other coffee subscription we evaluated in terms of customizability, variety, and, most importantly, taste. Whatever you’re looking for in a coffee subscription, Blue Bottle will create an experience that delivers freshly roasted, excellent coffee directly to your door.

More about our coffee subscription testing may be found here.

Best coffee maker for cold brew


The Hario Mizudashi epitomizes the elegance of cold brew coffee, as it sits at the crossroads of function, aesthetics, and affordability. And the method is very simple to use, even if you’ve never brewed a pot of cold brew before.

In only eight hours, the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew coffee machine creates 1 liter (about 4.25 cups) of rich, strong brew. It was one of the easiest to put together, produced an excellent brew in the least amount of time, and looked good doing it. It was also the second-most inexpensive item in our collection.

Read more about our cold brew coffee machine reviews here.

Overall, the best pour-over coffee maker


The Kalita Wave 185 Pour-Over Coffee Dripper’s flat-bottomed, three-hole design provided for the most uniform and consistent brewing of all the models we examined. The Kalita made the strongest coffee, with the most consistent temperature and uniform saturation of the grounds.

The Kalita Wave 185 Pour-Over Coffee Dripper has a flat bottom with three drip holes, which allows the coffee grounds to be soaked more simply and evenly. The flat-bottom design and bigger surface produced a rich and strong single cup of coffee, and it was also the most user-friendly of the swirled-pour drippers, generating 16 to 26 ounces at a time. Read more about our pour-over coffee machine testing here.

Wireless earphones that are the best

Apple’s AirPods Pro have a broad soundstage, good noise-canceling capabilities, and work well with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, thanks to fast connection and the ability to move between Apple devices without missing a beat.

Apple’s AirPods Pro are perfect in every way. They create playback that seems to transport you inside the studio with the artist, due to on-the-fly equalizing technology. They offer the greatest noise-canceling capabilities of all of the earbuds we tested, which helps to provide a fully immersive experience by blocking out distractions. To summarize, you get a pleasant design, a large soundstage, simple connection, and a long battery life.

Read more about our true wireless earphones testing here.

Noise-cancelling headphones at their finest


With excellent audio quality, a comfortable fit, up to 30 hours of battery life, and some of the finest active noise cancellation available, the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones stand out.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones have class-leading sound and incredible noise-canceling capabilities, to the point that they surpassed our previous top overall choice, the Beats Solo Pro, in terms of ANC quality, since the over-ear WH-1000XM4 isolates the ear better from outside sounds. These headphones were impermeable to anything from a dryer noise to noisy neighbors down the hall to high-pitched sirens. Other headphones, most notably the Solo Pro, could not match this achievement, which is understandable given their $300+ price tag.

More about our over-ear headphones testing may be found here.

More on our noise-canceling headphones testing may be found here.

On-ear headphones that are the finest

The Beats Solo 3 are the finest on-ear headphones we’ve tried, owing to their excellent overall sound, easy-to-use controls, and 40-hour battery life. They’re also available in nine different colors.

The Beats Solo 3 headphones were launched in 2016, which means they’re in their golden years in terms of headphones. Despite their advanced age, they performed well in our tests. They were often on par with, if not outright exceeding, headphones twice their price. The Beat Solo 3 delivered sound that rivaled that of much more costly headphones. We’ve heard some of the finest vocal and instrumental clarity we’ve ever heard.

More on our on-ear headphones testing may be found here.

The most effective smart speaker


The 4th-generation Echo Dot produces an unrivaled soundscape at its price point, thanks to greater internal space for sound to bounce around.

The fourth-generation Amazon Echo is the most significant update to the original smart speaker. Amazon replaced the tall cylinder shape with a spherical one while maintaining the same $99.99 price tag. Not only does this offer it a more attractive appearance than other rival speakers, but it also helps it provide richer, cleaner sound with easy access to Alexa’s smarts. With greater internal space for sound to bounce about, the fourth-generation Echo produces a soundscape that is unrivaled at its pricing range.

More on our smart speaker testing may be found here.

The best earphones on a budget

We’ll keep it easy for you: if you’re looking for wireless earbuds under $100, the EarFun Air is the best option.

The EarFun Air earbuds offer nearly everything you could want: high-quality music, a four-way microphone, passive soundproofing, and an IPX7 waterproof certification, which means they can be immersed for 30 minutes in approximately 1 meter of water. We don’t frequently see waterproofing on such a low-cost gadget, so this was a big bonus that we happily embraced. More on our cheap earbuds testing may be found here.

Wireless gaming headset that is the best

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 is the finest wireless headset we tried, owing to cooling gel-infused ear cups that kept us cool for hours, a slew of useful functions, and the unusual ability to connect with both your console and phone at the same time.

We tried a number of excellent wireless headsets, but the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2’s extensive feature set, best-in-class comfort, and Bluetooth compatibility pushed it over the top for cord-cutters. With large and extremely soft foam ear cushions that enveloped our skull like a pair of pillows, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 are more comfy than just about every headset we tested. Read more about our gaming headset testing here.

Overall, the best dry shampoo

Dry shampoo may help keep hair looking fresh and clean in between washes, and the DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo received high ratings from our panelists for its ability to absorb oil, natural clean fragrance, and long-lasting performance.

D ryBar Detox Dry Shampoo was the best at absorbing oil, effectively removing perspiration and grime, and leaving our panelists’ hair feeling cleaner and smelling better than any other dry shampoo we tested. Consider it an oil-absorbing sheet for your hair – a sponge that absorbs oil, perspiration, and grime for even the greasier-haired among us, even when applied in a fine, veil-like mist.

More on our dry shampoo tests may be found here.

Matte lipstick is the best.


The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick stood up to messy meals and snacks, hardly moving after many hours. Stila is the best option if you’re searching for a mask-friendly matte lipstick that won’t transfer onto the cloth.

It’s simple to understand why the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick gets hundreds of 5-star reviews on the internet. Burritos and sloppy breakfast sandwiches be darned, this stuff sticks to your lips for hours upon hours, according to its name. It’s also surprisingly moisturizing for such a great stay-put product, which is an uncommon combination.

More about our matte lipstick testing may be found here.

What is the best liquid eyeliner?


We discovered that the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner takes little to no effort to produce a perfect wing, has excellent staying power, and did not bother those of us with sensitive skin after many days of use. It’s also available in a staggering 12 different colors.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner excels in many ways, including applying smoothly and accurately, and creating a flawlessly sharp wing with little effort thanks to its strong felt marker-like tip. While strong enough to apply with precision, it does not snag or tug on the eyelid, and it has excellent staying power – one of the longest-lasting liners we tested.

Read more about our liquid eyeliner tests here.

The best razor for women


Billie Because of its user-friendly design, tight shave, and general longevity, the Razor Starter Kit came out on top. It provided a fast and pleasant shaving experience, with built-in charcoal soap for simple lubrication and a rubbery grip for ease holding.

From its sleek, colorblocked appearance and curved cartridge to its super-sharp blades that eliminated hairs in a single swipe, we adored the Billie razor. The razor is also easy to use, with a rubberized handle that provides a strong yet pleasant grip that prevents sliding.

More about our women’s razor testing may be found here.

The most effective beard trimmer


The Remington Smart Beard Trimmer provides a consistent, fast trim, can withstand a pounding, and is jam-packed with helpful technology that emphasizes simplicity, making every trim as simple as possible.

The Remington Smart Beard Trimmer performed well in all of our testing. All of this trimmer’s “smart” features set it different from the others we examined. But this isn’t just a fantasy trimmer for techies; it’s also a practical tool. It was the trimmer that lasted the longest in our drop test, in which we dropped each trimmer three times from a shaving position.

More about our beard trimmer tests may be found here.

linen sheets of the highest quality


The linen sheets from Parachute were, by a slim margin, our favorite set, with the most varied purchasing choices (six sizes, nine colors, and the opportunity to buy individual sheets).

These linen sheets from Parachute were, by a slim margin, our favorite set. They were well constructed, sumptuous to the touch, and had the most varied purchasing choices (six sizes, nine colors, and the opportunity to buy individual sheets). Parachute established the gold standard in linen luxury, from the pleasant unpacking to a luxurious sleep, with a la carte availability.

Read more about our linen sheet testing here.

flannel sheets of the highest quality


Garnet Hill provides a delectably comfy flannel sheet at a mid-to-high end pricing range that is luxurious without feeling excessively thick or heavy. These flannels are available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Garnet Hill’s Hemstitched Supima Flannel Sheets were our favorite from the moment we opened the package to waking up on a cold morning. Garnet Hill’s sheets provided a comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep without overheating, which was an issue with some of the other sets. The Garnet Hill sheets have a basic and beautiful design, with a stitched hem on the top sheet and pillowcases, and they come in 11 different colors, more than any other brand we evaluated.

Read more about our flannel sheet testing here.

The most effective shower head


The three spray settings on the Kohler Forte Shower Head are all quite distinct and equally effective. There’s a full-coverage rain shower, pulsing massage, and a “silk spray” option, which is essentially a super-dense mist.

Because of the immersive shower experience it offers, the Kohler Forte Shower Head came out on top of our ranking. The shower head’s primary “full coverage” setting is all-encompassing and ideal for everyday usage, delivering a strong downpour spray composed of large, full droplets of water. Washing shampoo and conditioner out of your hair is a breeze because to the high pressure, and it’s especially useful for rinsing off soaped-up small ones who are shorter and further away from the head.

More on our shower head testing may be found here.

The most effective humidifier


The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier increased the humidity in a room in less than an hour, which was faster than most of the other humidifiers we tested. More significantly, it maintained those humidity levels for the whole 24 hours, which was the longest amount of time we tested.

The TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier was simple to set up and use right away. It was packed in such a way that the unit was simple to remove and assemble, and it was promptly filled and misted. The tank makes up the majority of this humidifier, so it takes up very little room, which is one of the reasons it was our top pick. It was also very easy to clean, which is crucial if you’ve ever battled with a filthy, moldy humidifier filter or tank.

More about our humidifier testing may be found here.

The most effective cooling fan

The Honeywell tower fan is quiet and inexpensive, with a compact footprint and elegant design, a solid base, and eight speed options.

With a strong, robust construction and a lovely, colorfully laid out control panel that was easier to figure out and operate than the competitors, the Honeywell Quietset Whole Room tower fan is well made, silent, and cheap. It was simpler to put together than the other tower fans we looked at, with tool-free assembly and a straightforward connection to the base that was a lot easier to work with than the other tower models.

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The most effective dehumidifier

The Frigidaire FFAP5033W1 tied for top place in air moisture extraction, had the greatest user interface, and was easy to operate in any home scenario.

The Frigidaire dehumidifier was one of the finest in our tests, tied for first place in eliminating moisture from the air in our test room, but it also stood out for its better interface and use. It has a more well-thought-out control panel than the other dehumidifiers we looked at, with comfortable buttons properly labeled with both easy-to-understand graphical symbols and text, something that some of the other competitors lack.

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The most effective bath towel


Frontgate’s Resort Cotton Towels are traditional, super-thick, and super-fluffy, encasing its user in a high-weight terry luxury that feels like you’re reclining in a bathrobe while waiting for room service.

Frontgate’s Resort Cotton Bath Towel was one of the most luxurious-feeling towels in our testing pool right out of the box. This stuff feels like a luxury hotel bathing experience, thick, soft, and cozy. It looks the part, too, measuring 58 inches by 30 inches, with a luxuriant surface accented by a beautiful 2-inch-long trim at either towel end.

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The most effective alarm clock

The Jall Wooden Digital Alarm Clock offers a stylish design and all of the features you’d expect from an alarm clock. It’s easy to set, read, and operate, and it can reliably wake you up with numerous alarms.

The Jall Wooden Digital Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that offers all you need and more. It’s easy to set up, read in the dark, and features a strong alarm that won’t startle you awake. It has a polished appearance, and the wooden design sets it apart from the other clocks we examined. Read more about our alarm clock testing here.

The most effective charcoal grill

The Weber Original Premium Kettle Grill is available in three colors and is 22 inches wide. It’s the simplest grill to regulate temperature on, therefore it’s our top choice.

During our tests, the 22-inch Weber Original Premium Kettle Grill proved to be the simplest to regulate temperature, with the flames within the kettle reacting perfectly to every touch of the vents. Our hamburgers were cooked to medium rare, and our chicken was juicy and had a good sear on the exterior. The grill is equipped with Weber’s One-Touch cleaning system, which features a big enclosed ash pan for simple maintenance, as well as a built-in thermometer and lid hook.

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The best carry-on suitcases


The Away Carry-On received top scores in all of our testing, is long-lasting, has a great internal compression system and smart charging features, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

The Away Carry-On offers everything you’re looking for in a suitcase: toughness, intelligent organization, smart features, and a stylish appearance, all at a reasonable price. It handled our abuse well, with just slight scuffing and no permanent damage after being kicked, jumped on, and dumped down the stairs. Smooth YKK zippers, an aluminum telescoping handle, and four double Hinomoto spinning wheels slid effortlessly on pavement, hardwood, and grass in our tests.

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The most effective portable charger


The Anker PowerCore 13000 shined brightest in terms of charging capacity. It has a capacity of 13,000mAh, which is enough to charge an iPhone 11 twice. It also features two fast-charging USB Type-A connections, allowing you to charge two devices at once.

The Anker PowerCore 13000 offers a lot of bang for your buck. The PowerCore 13000 can rapidly charge a lot of devices; it can charge an iPhone 11 two and a half times or two Samsung Galaxy S20s from empty to more than 90%. You won’t be waiting around for long, however, as the PowerCore 13000 charges an iPhone 11 to 50% in only 41 minutes, matching for the quickest charging time in our tests.

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The best checked luggage

The Away Medium suitcase was the most well-rounded bag we examined, with a terrific mix of mobility, capacity, durability, and style. It had excellent interior organization and compression, a sturdy exterior, and comfortable handles.

The Away Medium suitcase was the most well-rounded piece of luggage we evaluated, outperforming the competition in a number of key areas. It’s tough, with just a few scratches from its journey down the stairs. It also features a fantastic internal compression system, is easy to operate, and is even pleasant to take in and out of the vehicle. Read more about our checked baggage tests here.

Best TV


With QLED and Mini LED backlighting, the 55-inch TCL 6-Series provides excellent image quality and an immersive viewing experience. The Roku interface is simple to use and gives you access to hundreds of streaming services right now.

The 55-inch TCL 6-Series TV looks great regardless of what you’re viewing. It outperforms the 5-Series in terms of color accuracy and durability at different viewing angles. Mini LEDs are used in the 6-Series, which means there are more LEDs beneath the screen, allowing the TV to light more precise elements while producing a picture. The end effect is a powerful picture with bright colors and high contrast.

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The most effective streaming gadget

For a fair price, the Roku Ultra is fast, responsive, offers the largest range of streaming services via up-to-date apps, and helps you discover anything quickly with universal search.

The 2019 Roku Ultra was previously awarded CNN Underscored’s best overall streaming device. Roku adopted another successful approach with the Ultra 2020 edition, making it more more appealing. The Roku Ultra offers one of the most flawless experiences of any streaming device we tested from the minute you turn it on.

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