Dead iPhone recovery, if it no longer turns on or does not charge the battery

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It has been a long time since the first iPhone was released, but it is still common to hear people complain about their device. For those who are experiencing issues with their phone and have exhausted all other options, this article can help them find a solution.

If your iPhone is no longer turning on or does not charge the battery, it could be dead. If you are experiencing this issue, there are a few ways to recover your phone. Read more in detail here: iphone won t turn on after being off for a long time.

Dead iPhone recovery, if it no longer turns on or does not charge the battery

Dead-iPhone-recovery-if-it-no-longer-turns-on-or Even the iPhone may have issues, such as not turning on or charging, with the battery staying depleted, dead, or switched off, with a black screen or an apple symbol, leaving you helpless. Fortunately, you can always restore the iPhone to factory settings or, in the worst-case scenario, reinstall the whole iOS operating system to resolve any issues (and also to remove a possible jailbreak).

Let’s look at all of the possible ways to acquire an iPhone that won’t power on, won’t charge, or only displays the sign of a bitten apple with no other information, even if it’s been blocked for hours.

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How to Recover a Stolen iPhone

We may use one of the ways listed below to restore the iPhone so that we can resume using it without issues or black displays. The solutions presented are also applicable to the iPad and, for those who still use iPods, the iPhone.

The battery will not charge.

If the iPhone or iPad won’t switch on owing to a lack of battery power, the first step is to replace the charging socket and charge it for at least an hour: if the Apple gadget was entirely depleted, it will take some time to recharge.

If the problem persists after an hour, we propose replacing the USB cable and charger with replacement parts from Amazon: for a cable, we recommend the RAMPOW Lightning to USB cable [Certificato Apple MFi], and for a charger, we recommend the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter.

Recover your iPhone’s settings

We can execute a reset and restore if the iPhone has some unusual problems but still turns on. Factory Reset is the simplest and quickest way to recover an iPhone that has suddenly died or frozen. This will reset the phone to factory settings, wiping all personal data, apps, and other local data. After entering in with the same user account, any data that was synchronized to the iCloud account or another online service will be recovered.

To restore content and settings straight from the iPhone (where feasible), go to Settings, General, scroll down, open the Restore option, and choose Initialize content and settings. All personal data, applications, registered Apple accounts, and settings are permanently deleted when this command is used.

We’ll have to input the credentials of the last related Apple account, such as the anti-theft system, at the next restart after the reset: this way, even if the phone is reset by a thief, they won’t be able to use it without knowing the credentials of the previous associated account.

To restore from iTunes to a PC, follow the steps below.

Most iPhone problems can be handled using the procedure given, but more significant issues need reinstalling the complete operating system. Some system files may be destroyed if the phone often crashes, does not start, restarts frequently, or has other issues that have not been resolved after the reset.

To fix these issues, connect the iPhone to a PC that has iTunes installed, launch the iTunes software on the computer, grant access rights from the phone (we’ll have to enter the unlock PIN), hit the device icon (just below the menu Checks), and lastly click the button Restore iPhone.

Recover data from your Mac

We don’t need to download anything if we have a Mac or a MacBook since iTunes capabilities are incorporated within the program Finder. To continue with the restoration, connect the iPhone to the Mac via USB connection, launch the program Finder at the bottom of the dock, hit the iPhone icon on the left side, authorize the phone, and then press the key Restore iPhone.

Once the reset is verified, the iPhone will restart and begin the process of returning to its original condition, which should resolve the majority of the issues.

Recover data from DFU

If the iPhone won’t start on and no new ones are known to operate, the final option is to restore using DFU mode. To use this approach, connect the phone to the computer via USB connection, open iTunes or Finder (if using a Mac), turn the iPhone off entirely by holding down the power key for a few seconds, and then switch it back on while holding down the keys mentioned in the DFU mode tutorial.

We release the keys after precisely 10 seconds, allowing iTunes or Finder to recognize the recovery mode; the iPhone screen remains black in DFU mode. After attempting to restore in this mode, hit the same keys that were used to enter the mode to leave and detach the USB cord (never do it before, to avoid damaging the phone).


Even while the iPhone is a very tough phone to harm on a software level, it is possible that it will have difficulty starting up, charging, or simply glitches that we have never seen before, compromising the user experience. We will be able to restore an iPhone that is almost dead using the procedures described above, without needing to take it to a repair shop.

We may read our guidelines to discover more. Enter recovery mode by restarting your iPhone (all ways).

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If your iPhone is no longer turning on or the battery is not charging, you may be able to recover the device by using a recovery mode. Reference: does iphone charge in recovery mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when your iPhone is completely dead and wont charge?

A: If your iPhone is completely dead and wont charge, you will need to replace the battery. This can be done by going into an Apple store or by contacting them for a replacement.

Does iPhone need to be charged to restore?

A: Yes, iPhone needs to be charged in order for it to restore.

Why is my iPhone dead and wont turn on?

A: The iPhone requires a firmware update in order to run new applications. Unfortunately, the battery can sometimes become so depleted that it has been dead for some time and needs to be replaced or charged before it will turn on again.

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