Wartales Guide: How to Fish, Find Fishing Spots, and Get Hooks

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Whether you are looking for a relaxing hobby or fancy yourself as an expert fisher, the fishing scene in Wartales has got you covered. This page is designed to help interested players get started and learn about all of the different types of fish that can be caught off of our coastlines.

The “tales of arise all fishing locations” is a guide that can help you find the best fishing spots for your next trip. The guide also includes information about how to fish, what bait and tackle to bring, and more.

Wartales Guide: How to Fish, Find Fishing Spots, and Get Hooks

In Wartales, learning to fish means having a plentiful supply of food to keep your company comfortable and happy. This open-world RPG has a lot of strategy to it that goes beyond battle, party composition, and possessing the correct weapons and armor.

You’ll need to make sure you’re strong enough to take on bandits, have enough medication to move farther from town, and have enough money to pay party salaries as you journey into the harsh plains of Wartales. Food is an essential component of it, and fishing may help you supplement your supply.

This Wartales guide will teach you all you need to know about fishing, including which professions you’ll need, where to go fishing, and how to obtain hooks. Take out your fishing rod and reel!

In Wartales, How to Fish for Food

Get Hooks for Fishing


After that, you’ll need fishing hooks. These include:

  • Human foes have dropped it.
  • Purchased from roving merchants
  • A party member with the Tinkerer profession forged it from iron ore in your camp.

You’ll want to make many hooks, much as you would with lockpicks, since hooks might be lost or destroyed during the fishing minigame. Typically, a hook seems to be good for three tries before it is lost.

Locate Fishing Locations

To fish, you’ll need one of your party members to have the Angler profession, which you can get by going to an angling site on the map and clicking on the rod in the global space. Look for spots on the lake that have a shimmer and waves to discover these POIs.

How Does Wartales’ Fishing Minigame Work?


The fishing minigame is simple and uncomplicated in nature. To begin the minigame, click on the water, where your character will use a rod and reel. Then, until you reel in your catch, click the left mouse button to attempt to maintain your marker centered in the progress bar and out of the red zones on each side. That’s all there is to it!

Angling is a terrific way to feed your party, particularly if you’ve made a cooking pot and have someone in your party with the Cook profession. You can prepare certain high-quality cuisine, such as grilled fish, which earns 3 food points above carp cooked over a campfire (2 meal points).

While technically meat, fish will not meet the Carnivorous need that wild creatures in your party — such as trapped wolves — would provide, so keep that in mind when planning your meals.  

And there you have it: you now know all there is to know about fishing in Wartales. Reel in the food to keep your crew nourished as you explore these harsh terrains. Check out some of GameSkinny’s Wartales guides for additional information!

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Wartales is a fishing guide that provides information on how to fish, find fishing spots, and get hooks. The tales of arise fishing guide reddit has some good tips for beginners.

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