Fix Your Smartphone and Save Battery Charge

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use it for almost everything – from buying stuffs, to chatting with friends and family, from working on projects to just browsing the Internet. It is no doubt that these devices have made things easier for us but there’s a catch! We often forget how important it is to keep our smartphones healthy and happy.

When it comes to our smartphones, the main enemy is the battery. Our devices are hungry for power and its batteries have a very short life-span. It’s not just our gadgets that die down quickly – so do the battery charges inside it!

Why Does my Phone Hang up After 4 Hours

A. The battery might be low on power.

– This is most likely the reason why your phone hangs up. You may need to charge the battery or replace it with a new one if possible.

B. Your phone is trying to update something but failed due to lack of memory space. – Close all apps you are not using, make sure you have enough space left in your phone storage.

C. Your main circuit board is faulty – This will require a replacement of the main Chip on your phone motherboard which cannot be fixed by software. The only solution for this problem is replacing the main circuit board.

D. The USB port might not be working completely or faulty.

– Try using other usb cables and charging adapters to charge your phone.

E. All of these reasons. – If all else fails, replacing the main circuit board will be the only solution to your problem.

How to fix the Issue if it is Caused by any of the Following: Low Battery, an app, or System Settings

A. If the battery is low or out of power then charge your phone or replace your current battery with a new one if possible. (Make sure to back up any important data on your phone first)

B. Close all apps you are not using and make sure you have enough space left in your phone storage, this should help solve the problem.

C. Clean the USB port as well as the pins inside it just in case dust is stopping it from working completely or not catching your charger properly, you can also try using different usb cables and charging adapters.

D. Back up any important data on your phone first and replace the main circuit board.

Some General Tips on how to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

– If you are using 4g/3g turn them off if possible or set the screen brightness to auto adjust if your phone supports this feature, usually located in the settings under display settings.

– Turn off background apps if possible by clicking the home button twice, swiping your finger right to left across the screen and pressing stop for all apps running in background.

– Limit the amount of widgets you have on your main pages, also reducing display time can help save battery life as well as disable live wallpapers.

– Disable location services for apps that don’t need it or for unnecessary apps.

– Lower the CPU speed in steps of -0.5 if supported by your phone, usually found under settings > performance/speed > CPU Speed. Please be careful when using this tip as you can potentially damage your phone if set too low which could get very hot and crash eventually.

– Delete unimportant SMS and MMS messages to free up memory space if possible.

– Disable vibrate for keypad tones, notification alerts, touch sounds and haptic feedback (Optional).

– Minimize the use of live wallpapers as they drain your battery very quickly due to constant rendering.

– For users with phones that have removable batteries you can try using a spare battery and replace it every few days when needed or charge your phone daily as opposed to nightly.

– Choose a lower screen brightness setting by going to settings and finding the “backlight” option under system settings.


As we use our smartphones more and more, we tend to forget how important it is to keep them healthy and happy. As smartphone technology advances, the manufacturers are beginning to cut corners in order to keep reducing prices by using cheaper components. Sometimes these cheaper components can help with creating a thinner phone or adding support for faster 4g/3g internet speeds but they also create more problems that we as end users have to deal with.