New accessibility options, audio settings, and more in the Xbox November update

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Microsoft has released a number of new features in their November update, including an updated Xbox Live interface and audio settings. These updates are designed to make it easier for players with disabilities access the system.,

The Xbox November update has new accessibility options, audio settings, and more. The “xbox series x msrp” is the MSRP for the Xbox One S.

New accessibility options, audio settings, and more in the Xbox November update


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New accessibility capabilities for Microsoft Store, improved color filters for the Xbox Series X/S, new audio output options, and a controller firmware upgrade are all included in this newest version.

It’s also intended to enhance stability in a number of titles, including NBA2K22, FIFA 22, and Battlefield 2042, after concerns that these games were shutting consoles off without warning starting in September.

Microsoft has also published fresh firmware for its controllers.

Players with disabilities will be able to find out whether a game is playable for them before purchasing it thanks to these new accessibility tags.

Developers may now add accessibility features like Narrated Game Menus, Subtitle Options, Input Remapping, Full Keyboard Support, and Single Stick Gameplay to their games.

If they desire, game publishers may additionally offer links to extra accessibility information for their products.


As part of the upgrade, improved color filters have been implemented, making it simpler for players with color blindness or other color-related accessibility challenges to play games, understand menus, and navigate the system.

The update also includes a new audio experience, which Microsoft believes will make controlling audio sources on the Xbox easier.


The tech giant said in a new controller firmware update that Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) would be added to our Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth compatibility, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers.

For a more immediate gaming experience and apparently instantaneous action, Dynamic Latency Input sends controller inputs to your Xbox system more effectively.

A number of new features will be added to the Xbox app in the near future. It will be simpler to share your gaming captures with others, no matter where they are.

Link sharing will be available shortly, allowing you to post a link to your amazing gaming moments and screen grabs anywhere on the internet.


Another feature coming soon is the chance to view top trending material from Xbox gamers highlighted in the Xbox app, where you can watch, like, comment, and share game clips from other players.

Are you looking forward to the next improvements to Xbox? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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