Smush Pro Review – Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin

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One of the most important aspects to creating an awesome website is taking care of your images. Scaling down these assets can be a tricky process, but that’s not why we’re here today. Today we’ll review Smush Pro – A WordPress Image Optimizer plugin that lets you optimize, compress and resize all your favorite image files with ease!

The “wp smush pro” is a WordPress plugin that allows users to optimize images on their website. The plugin also comes with a free trial and is available for purchase.

Smush Pro Review - Best WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin


Images are the most important component of any website, since they may both increase audience retention and slow down page loading times. Your server will suffer as a result of unoptimized pictures.

They will degrade your pages and cause them to fall in Google’s ranks. Manual image optimization may be arduous and time-consuming. Smush Image Optimization Plugin may help with this.

Smush is a popular image optimization plugin that has received several awards. This plugin can optimize photos that have previously been submitted to your site as well as images that will be uploaded to make your site quicker.

Smush Pro is a good investment if you want to optimize all of your website photos at once. Yes, it is one of the most feature-rich bulk image optimization plugins available.

This plugin helps optimize your photos and minimize server loads with only one click. In this post, I’ll go through all of the capabilities of the Smush Pro plugin. Let’s get this party started!

Smush Image Optimization Plugin’s Exciting Features

Smush is available in both a free and a paid edition. Smush’s free edition has extremely limited functionality, which comprises

1. Compression without Loss

You can compress your photographs without losing quality using the free edition of the Smush Image Optimization Plugin. This function is enabled by default and may decrease the size of your picture by up to 6%. This proportion may seem little, but if your website has a large number of photos, it may make a significant impact.

2. Loading Slowly

You may use the lazy loading functionality to postpone the loading of off-screen pictures and set custom loading animations. With this function, you can considerably improve the speed of your website, as well as its overall performance.


To use the Slow load option, go to Smush and then pick lazy load from the drop-down menu. There are several customization options available, including media type, display animation, include exclude, and others. You may adjust and filter the results depending on your needs.

3. Scale Down Large Images

Smush allows you to shrink huge photos so that they fit inside a certain container. It allows users to resize their website pictures with a single click, using Google’s suggested guidelines.

Go to Smush Pro and then Tools to enable automatic picture resizing detection. Click Save Changes after enabling picture resizing detection.


4. Smush in bulk

Full-size photos take up a lot of space and might slow down your website. There are two methods for speeding up your website’s pictures. There are two options: do it manually, which takes a long time, or use Smush, which is fast and straightforward.

Smush must first be activated before it can scan your website for photos that may be improved. After Smush scans photos, the number of images that need attention is shown as a result.


When you click the “BULK SMUSH NOW” button, all of your photographs will be automatically optimized.


What Is Smush Pro and Why Do You Need It?

As I previously said, the Smush Image Optimization Plugin’s free membership provides a restricted range of functions that do not reflect its full potential. This plugin’s full potential can only be unlocked by buying the premium version.

Smush Pro also includes a number of additional premium image optimization tools that will help you boost Google PageSpeed and rank better. The package of premium features entices people to purchase it without hesitation.

Smush Feature Comparison: Free vs. Pro

Features Free Pro
Compression without Loss Yes Yes
Loading Slowly Yes Yes
Smush in bulk Yes Yes
Compression with Loss No Yes
Smush CDM No Yes
Original Images as a Backup No Yes
Conversion of WebP Format No Yes
Convert PNG to JPEG automatically No Yes
Image Metadata should be removed. No Yes
Integration with a third party No Yes
Scaling and resizing on the fly No Yes

Smush Pro’s Advanced Features

1. An effective dashboard

With Smush Pro, you can monitor your picture files and take required measures (such CDN, Local WebP, and slow load activation and deactivation) with a single click.


Compression with Loss

This plugin’s commercial edition has a more powerful tool that allows us to decrease the picture size by up to 2x.

The picture data is taken away as much as possible without affecting the image quality in Super Smush or 2x compression. Add “2x more compression” to your picture optimization to take it to the next level. Go to Bulk Smush, scroll down to Super Smush, and activate Super Smush my photos to enable the Lossy Compression function.


CDN Smush Pro

You can simply serve photos from 45 various locations across the globe with Smush Pro CDN. You can make your website load quicker and boost your Google position by implementing a CDN, since websites with fast loading times normally rank better. Smush Pro provides up to 10GB of monthly bandwidth.


Go to Smush pro to activate Smush CDN. After that, choose CDN and then Get started. After that, you’ll be sent to a setup page. Now you may activate settings depending on your needs. After that, click “Save & Activate.”


Original Images as a Backup

You may always back up your photographs before scaling them down so that you can restore them if you need them at their original size.


Support for the WebP Format

You may quickly convert your pictures to WebP format using Smush CDN. WebP is a new picture format that compresses images significantly. You may use it to make smaller photos, which can help your website function better.


You can save 25% more storage space on your website using WebP than you can with other picture formats.

To activate WebP, go to Smush Pro, choose Local WebP, and then click Get started.

After that, choose your server type (Apache or NGINX) and click next.


You must now establish rules. Automatic is the default setting. You may manually create criteria and then apply the filter for better results.


Scale and resize automatically

With Smush Pro, users may resize photographs accurately with a single click. You may adjust the picture according to Google’s suggested guideline to ensure it fits the container properly.

Go to Bulk Smush, scroll down to Image Resizing, and then activate Resize upload photos to enable the image resizing option. You have the option of setting the maximum width and height.


Image Metadata should be removed.

When you choose “Remove Image Metadata,” you may remove any extraneous data from your photographs while keeping the data vital for SEO.

It’s a crucial function since it allows the user to delete any unnecessary data linked with the picture. Simply enable Strip my picture metadata to use this function.


Convert PNG to JPEG automatically

You can simply convert PNG images to JPEG files using Smush Pro, which reduces file size without compromising quality.

It’s a fantastic function for individuals who wish to reduce space while also automatically converting all of their files to JPEGs. Simply enable Auto-convert PNGs to JPEGs to enable this capability.



Smush Pro also allows users to interface with a variety of additional tools, like the Gutenberg editor, WPBakery, Amazon S3, and NextGEN gallery, in addition to all of these wonderful capabilities. Users have a lot more freedom and resources with platforms like this.


Simply enable your desired tool integration to initiate the integration.

Pricing for Smush Pro

If you wish to use Smush Pro on a monthly basis, you must pay a monthly fee.

  • Only $6/month for Smush Pro (only $5 if you sign up for the annual plan)
  • Performance and Uptime Pack – $9 per month (just $7.50 if you sign up for a year)


Free Smush Trial

When it comes time to purchase the premium edition of this plugin, customers will be relieved to learn that Smush provides a 7-day trial period for new users, allowing them to decide whether or not their service is worth the money. To join up for the 7-day free trial, you must give your credit card information.

What distinguishes Smush Pro from the competition?

You’ll receive a lot of optimization features for a low price with Smush. This plugin is well-known for being the best image optimization plugin and for batch-optimizing previous and future photos.

This plugin stands out from the rest because to its straightforward and easy user interface. Smush Pro is a fantastic image optimization plugin that I strongly recommend.


Why do I have to provide my credit card information for the free trial? What if I don’t remember to cancel?

If you like their services and want them to continue, they’ll require your credit card information to execute payments. You may, however, cancel your membership by calling their customer service department, which will promptly return your money with no questions asked.

Is there a possibility of a lock-in? Is it simple to cancel my subscription?

There are no contractual obligations, and users may quickly terminate their accounts by visiting the “My Account” section. You don’t even need to communicate with anybody. You are capable of doing the task entirely on your own.

What happens if I use all of my Smush CDN bandwidth in a month? What’s the best way to obtain more?

Smush has a bandwidth of 10 GB. If you’ve used all your monthly bandwidth and need more, you may acquire 50 GB of extra bandwidth for for $5. When you’ve utilized up to 75% of your bandwidth, you’ll be alerted.

Is Smush Pro multisite compatible, and if so, which plan do I need?

Yes, Smush Pro supports multisite, and all Smush Pro plans include a multisite setup.

Final Thoughts

If you supply high-quality photos with high resolution and the shortest feasible file size, your site’s loading time will likely increase, which will raise your SEO position. Furthermore, the optimized photos may improve the user experience by allowing for faster page loading times.

There are several picture optimization programs accessible; nevertheless, we should choose an intelligent and well-known resource to get the work done quickly. In my ten years of blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to utilize a variety of tools, but Smush Pro is a brilliant one that is well worth purchasing. Try it right now!

It’s a fantastic image optimizer for WordPress that comes as part of a WPMU DEV subscription, and WPGlossy readers get a 20% discount. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

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The “best free wordpress image optimizer” is a plugin that allows users to optimize their images for use on the WordPress platform. It can also be used as an alternative to the built in WordPress image optimization feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best image optimizer for WordPress?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Is Smush a good plugin?

A: Yes, they are a good plugin.

Does Smush Pro work?

A: Yes, Smush Pro is a highly effective software that can be downloaded to help compress and resize images.

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