The Panthers Need to Aggressively Pursue Eagles QB Gardner Minshew This Offseason to Save Matt Rhule’s Failing Scheme

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The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a disappointing 10-6 season and have had trouble finding their quarterback ever since Carson Wentz went down in 2016. They currently have four quarterbacks on the roster, but none with game experience. One of those QB’s is Gardner Minshew, who has been sitting behind Russell Wilson for three years now. If he were to be offered by the Carolina Panthers this offseason it would save Matt Rhule’s failing scheme from collapsing entirely

The “Eagles QB Gardner Minshew” is a player that the Panthers need to aggressively pursue this offseason. With Matt Rhule’s scheme failing, it would be best for the Panthers to bring in a new quarterback.

The Panthers Need to Aggressively Pursue Eagles QB Gardner Minshew This Offseason to Save Matt Rhule's Failing Scheme

Another week in the NFL has come and gone, and Matt Rhule and the Carolina Panthers have once again looked like a train disaster. They lost a critical game against the Atlanta Falcons after wasting much of the day swapping quarterbacks between Cam Newton and P.J. Walker.

Matt Rhule’s experiment with the Panthers is just in its second year. However, it’s becoming more obvious that this is going in the wrong way, and it’s going quickly.

The Panthers are headed in the wrong way under Matt Rhule.

News flash: The Carolina Panthers are terrible at football.

12 December 2021 — Roaring Riot (@roaringriot)

When the Panthers signed Rhule to a hefty seven-year, $60 million deal in 2020, fans’ expectations were reasonably high. Rhule was a phenomenal college coach at Temple and Baylor, where he built both programs from the bottom up. The expectation was that Carolina would see a similar comeback, since they were still attempting to find their way after a few strong seasons under Ron Rivera in the mid-2010s.

However, this has not been the case. Despite a promising 2020 season in which the Panthers’ defense made significant progress, Rhule has made a slew of poor moves since then. He’s shown to be unable to make sound judgments on the attacking side of the ball in particular.

First, instead of targeting Mac Jones or Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft, he traded for Sam Darnold. Then he brought back Cam Newton as a backup quarterback with no clear strategy in place. Darnold’s fifth-year option was also picked up by the Panthers before he has played a snap, meaning he’ll have to pay starting money in 2022.

Whatever way you look at it, Rhule’s handling of the quarterback situation has been a complete catastrophe. They don’t have a long-term strategy for the position, and owing to the money owed to Darnold, it’ll be difficult to address it next summer.

In 2022, the Panthers won’t be able to address their quarterback situation.

Both Cam Newton and P.J. Walker will continue to play for the Panthers, according to Matt Rhule.

December 13, 2021 — Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano)

Rhule and the Panthers would prefer to make amends by drafting a good rookie, but they aren’t in a position to do so. The quarterback class of 2022 is predicted to be poor, and the Panthers’ offensive line has a number of deficiencies that need to be filled.

Plus, given how much draft capital and cap space they gave up to get Darnold, bailing on him so quickly would be negligent. Rhule smashed the table to get Darnold instead of Fields/Jones. At the very least, he ought to see this through.

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Houston Texans, was apparently a target for the Panthers. That would, however, need much more draft money and cap space than Darnold did. It’s difficult to see it as a viable choice.

Matt Rhule should go after Eagles quarterback Gardner Minshew II.

Panthers HC Matt Rhule.

Panthers HC Matt Rhule. Getty Images/Christian Petersen/Matt Rhule

With so much uncertainty at quarterback, the Panthers truly need someone who can fill in as a one-year bridge option. Someone who can help the offense stay stable for the full season without spending an arm and a leg.

Gardner Minshew II joins the discussion at this point.

Minshew has proved competent of leading an offense and winning football games with both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles. Given his low salary hit of $965,000 in 2022, he’s the ideal low-cost bridge option for the Panthers to pursue.

The Eagles are also expected to explore trade offers for the young backup this summer, according to’s Ian Rapoport, following his encouraging performance against the New York Jets.

Is Minshew the Panthers’ quarterback of the future? He isn’t, no. He is, however, a low-risk, high-reward talent who may assist Carolina and Matt Rhule in regaining their footing in 2022. The Panthers may then turn their focus to a more potential quarterback draft class in 2023.

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