We Demand Texans' Privacy

Your Data Deserves Protection

We advocate to protect your cell phone location data by demanding...

The requirement of a warrant based on probable cause for location tracking of individuals except in the case of a life threatening emergency or pursuit of a fugitive.

Time Limits

The allowance of an order for tracking to be sealed for not more than 180 days unless a judge finds good cause to extend the seal.

Data Expunction

A requirement for governmental agencies to delete any cell phone location and call data collected about innocent people in the course of a criminal investigation.


The requirement of reporting to the public of aggregate information about the amount, type, and outcome of location tracking by police agencies in Texas.

Coalition Members

ACLU of Texas
Our nation’s guardian of liberty, working daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties.
EFF-Austin advocates establishment and protection of digital rights and defense of the wealth of digital information, innovation, and technology.
Texans for Accountable Government
(TAG) is a trans-partisan Political Action Committee working to reign in the intrusive and expanding reach of government at the local, county, and state level.
Texas Civil Rights Project
(TCRP) promotes racial, social, and economic justice through litigation, education, and social services for low/moderate-income persons least able to defend themselves.

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